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Rescop is inviting you to our complimentary webinars to discover how our System Lifecycle Management application can facilitate and improve your compliance to GxP in a lean and green way.

Organizations are often generating a lot of paper and as a result, projects are regularly going out of time and exceed budget limits. So the question is: how can you eliminate paper documentation, accelerate approval processes, maintain your facilities and IT systems in a validated state while ensuring inspection readiness?


In this webinar, we present our System Lifecycle Management software (RC-SLM), which is comprised of RC-VLM (Validation Lifecycle Management) and RC-Logbook.
RC-SLM manages the complete lifecycle, from conception to retirement. RC-VLM features a unique content management capability. This makes the creation of documents faster, more consitent and repeatable.
RC-Logbook goes beyond validation and provides a paperless method of managing and tracking activities such as cleaning, calibration or maintainance. This insures that the system maintains its validated state.

During this webinar, the following topics will be discussed:
- How you can initiate the validation activities early on in an engineering or IT project
- Eliminate paper documentation and  accelerate approval processes
- Reduce the time to completion by automating tasks
- Maintain your facilities and IT systems in a validated state and inspection readiness


RC-SLM and our other solutions are part of the Rescop Quality Management Suite (RC-QMS). Our quality management suite RC-QMS forms a comprehensive solution for quiality and compliance management within GxP regulated industries.
For more information on RC-QMS and our other solutions click here.

RC-SLM webinars:

These webinars are hosted by highly qualified experts from the Life Science Industry. You can sign up for the following available webinars through the registration button.

Rescop System Lifecycle Management Flyer

Rescop System Lifecycle Management Flyer

• 20 July 2017
• 17 August 2017
• 14 September 2017
• 28 September 2017
• 12 October 2017
• 26 October 2017
• 9 November 2017
• 23 November 2017
• 7 December 2017
• 21 December 2017

Time schedule for each day:
The United States: 2:00 PM EST
Europe: 4:00 PM CET

Rescop System Lifecycle Management Webinar - register now