Two day Agile Validation training on March 20th and 21st, Switzerland

Two day Agile Validation training

Rescop Academy is providing an Agile Validation Experience on March 20th and 21st at Hotel Stücki in Basel, Switzerland

Although Agile and Validation feel like a contradiction, Agile development can
help you to efficiently build and validate your systems. Imagine a system can
already be used partly after the first month of development in a validated state.
Rescop Academy can help you with the method and tools to make Agile work,
while maintaining compliance.

On March 20th Rescop is organizing a free Round Table on Agile Validation. Register now for an unique training experience.

What you would learn?Flyer Agile Validation Training March 20th and 21st

• How the benefits of Agile development methods can be leveraged within the strict world of compliance (validation);
• Implementing Agile development methods in practice;
• Differences between small and large projects / programs when using Agile development methods;
• Focus on product / system quality instead of on documentation to validate;
• How to apply Rescop Academy’s Agile validation method to help you to validate parts of the system in an early stage.

2-day course Program
• Module A: Introduction – Terms & Definitions, Regulations
• Module B: Agile – Scrum, SAFe
• Module C: Requirements – User Stories, NFRs, Prioritization
• Module D: Planning & Execution – Sprinting, Backlogs,
Ceremonies, Risk Assessment
• Module E: Verification – Testing, Definition of Done (DoD),
Change & Incident Management
• Module F: Documentation – Waterfall (GAMP 5) versus
Agile (Scrum)
• Module G: Operation – Release & Handover, Maintaining
Validated State
• Module H: Continuous Improvement – SAFe, Regression
Testing, Test Automation
Modules will contain practical cases.


Young Professional Fee*: CHF 1195,-
Early Registration Fee (prior to February 1st): CHF 1440,-
Regular Fee (from February 1st): CHF 1600,-
*Graduated after May 2017
Prices listed are excl. VAT

When will it be?

March 20th & 21st 2018
Hotel Stücki
Badenstrasse 1
CH-4057 Basel, Switzerland

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